IBM Announces zEnterprise EC12 mainframe server

IBM System z - zEnterprise EC12IBM announced its 12th generation mainframe in its [System z product family], the IBM zEnterprise EC12, or zEC12 for short.

 Let's take a look at some recent developments over the past few years.

  • In the 9th and 10th generations (IBM System z9 and z10, respectively), IBM introduced the concept of a large "Enterprise Class", and a small "Business Class" to offer customer choice. These were referred to as the EC and BC models.

  • For the 11th generation, IBM introduced the name "zEnterprise". The large Enterprise Class was the z196, and the small Business Class was the z114. I covered this announcement in my post [Storage University - Washington DC - The new zEnterprise]. Pictures of the z114 model were in my blog post [Datacenter Conference Day 2- Solution Showcase].

  • For the 12th generation, IBM kept the name "zEnterprise", but went back to the "EC" to refer to Enterprise Class. Rather than offer a separate "small" Business Class version, the zEC12 comes in 60 different sub-capacity levels. Many software vendors charge per core, or per [MIPS], so offering sub-capacity means that some portion of the processors are turned off, so the software license is lower. The top rating for the zEC12 is 78,000 MIPS. (I would have thought by now that we would have switched over to BIPS by now!)
 If you currently have a z10 or z196, then it can be upgraded to zEC12. The zEC12 can attach to up to four zBX model 003 frames that can run AIX, Microsoft Windows and Linux-x86. If you currently have zBX model 002 frames, these can be upgraded to model 003.
 The key enhancements reflect the three key initiatives:
  1. Operational Analytics - Most analytics are done after-the-fact, but IBM zEnterprise can enable operational analytics in real-time, such as fraud detection while the person is using the credit card at a retail outlet, or online websites providing real-time suggestions for related products while the person is still adding items to their shopping card. Operational analytics provides not just the insight, but in a timely manner that makes it actionable. There is even work in place to [certify Hadoop on the mainframe].

  2. Security and Resiliency - IBM is famous for having the most secure solutions. With industry-leading EAL5+ security rating, it beats out competitive offerings that are typically only EAL4 or lower. IBM has a Crypto Express4S card to provide tamper-proof co-processing for the system. IBM introduces the new "zAware" feature, which is like "Operational Analytics" pointed inward, evaluating all of the internal processes, error logs and traces, to determine if something needs to be fixed or optimized.

  3. Cloud Agile - When people hear the phrase "Cloud Agile" they immeidately think of IBM System Storage, but servers can be Cloud Agile also, and the mainframe can run Linux and Java better, faster, and at a lower cost, than many competitve alternatives.

Source: Inside System Storage - 8/28/2012


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