New Facebook privacy controls: What you should know

Remember I posted a article about voting for old or new privacy settings and changes.. Well look like new ones are taking over.

Facebook changed its privacy controls once again. There's a tweaked Activity Log, new Request and Removal tools for photo tag management, clearer warnings and more. But Facebook's not just giving us new features — it's taking something away, too.

Facebook product manager Sam Lessin revealed the changes in a blog post, writing that the "updates and new tools will begin rolling out at the end of 2012."

Here's what's new or changing.

Take a shortcut to privacy settings
Facebook's new Privacy Shortcuts are a quicker way to control three aspects of the social network: “Who can see my stuff?” “Who can contact me?” and “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” They'll slide out from the always-present blue toolbar.

App permissions are getting split up
In order to make it more clear which permissions a new app is requesting, Facebook's now splitting things up a bit, into multiple pop-ups, so that you can deny some and allow others. "For example," Lessin writes, "a person can grant a music app the ability to read their public profile and friends list to personalize their experience in the app, but decline to allow it to post what they listen to Facebook on their behalf."

Details and more details
Every time you take some sort of action which is related to privacy management on Facebook, you'll see a significantly more detailed message, explaining what's happening. (For example, if you hide a post from your timeline, you'll see a message informing you that the post will still appear in searches, news feeds and other places.)

The Activity Log's getting easier to navigate
In order to help you quickly review your Facebook activity, the social network has revamped the Activity Log. It appears that it'll take far fewer clicks and far less scrolling to find whatever you're looking for.

You can untag multiple photos at once
Untagging yourself from other people's photos can be a painfully tedious process, but Facebook's trying to make it a little bit easier — by finally letting you untag yourself from multiple photos at once.

Say goodbye to the ability to hide yourself from Facebook's search
Facebook will no longer allow you to hide from its search. This means that if someone enters your name into the social network's search bar, your profile will appear in the search results. The ability to hide from Facebook's search "didn't prevent people from finding others in many other ways across the site" anyway, Lessin writes, as a way of explaining why the feature's getting killed.

Source: MSNBC
Date: Dec 13, 2012


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