Twitter profile pages change no matter what Dec. 12

Twitter pages are getting a bit fancier (some might say more Facebook-like) whether you like it or not, starting Wednesday. For years, a user's Twitter page has featured the option of a profile photo and a page background of your choosing. Now, there's a third element being added to your page's look, a "header" photo that surrounds your profile photo.

The short messaging blog has been doing a soft rollout the past few months of the three-element look, but on Dec. 12, it goes site-wide to all users. 

And if you don't choose your header "look," Twitter will place a default gray image for you there (of course, you can change it).

The aim, writes product manager Sachin Agarwal, on Twitter's blog, is to "make your profile beautiful and display your style on your profile page." The addition of a header photo "can make your profile more uniquely yours."

Here's a fuller look at NASA's Curiosity rover's page with the new look:


Twitter walks you through how to make the changes in a video (below), and it's fairly simple.

Go to the settings for your account, and click on "edit profile," then click on "change photo." You can upload a profile photo or even take a picture (click on "take photo") using your computer's built-in camera. 

You'll also see the option there for "Change header," which is where you can play with the new element. Twitter will give you the option of choosing from its palette of design elements or you can upload a photo of your own.

So, plan to allot some time to play with the features, and to make "yur profile a little more 'you,' " and "less generic," says Agarwal. Although, look: if you want to be generic: Go for it! It's your choice.

Source: MSNBC
Date: Dec 11, 2012


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