2014 Corvette Pictures Leaked, Details Revealed

Chevrolet Corvette

Pictures of the 2014 Corvette C7 leaked online before making its first public appearance on Sunday at the Detroit Auto Show.
According to Inquisitr, a world-first image of the 2014 Corvette was leaked by website Jalopnik. The photos were taking from a forthcoming edition of Road and Track magazine, showing the car's front end, which Jalopnik calls a "nefarious smile" of a front fascia. A photo of the back-end was also leaked, which will be printed on the next cover of Automobile magazine.

"What we see are the lights, rear quarter panel, and lower fascia - all of which have a squared-off look," GMAuthority writer Alex Luft said. "Just like in the front, LED lights are present and accounted for, as are the center-exiting quad exhaust pipes that have been synonymous with Corvette. And check out that C-pillar flowing into the sloping liftback! Yours truly thinks it's sexy as all heck... but you may not agree."

Car and Driver revealed details on the highly anticipated 2014 car in an article on Jalopnik.com, "Five Things You Didn't Know About The 2014 Corvette."
One highlight is the base car has aluminum rails made of alloy. The new Corvette will also have more carbon fiber. "GM has aggressive weight targets for this car, so the panels, bulkhead, and floor-of the base car-will be fashioned from composites," the report explained.
The Corvette will have Michelin Pilot Sports tires instead of Goodyears. Also, the 7-speed manual option "stands alone, but needs only four gates rather than the Porsche's five to get the job done (don't forget reverse)."
Last but not least of the five highlights is the that the Stingray, the Corvette that "jams econo, will be powered by a 400-hp 5.5-liter V-8, and should give 30-plus mpg on the highway."
Car and Driver gave some more details of the car:
New Corvette: This Is It
"In terms of its design, we're going to go out on a limb and call it Vette-like. New headlight elements are more complex and narrower. The double-bubble roof returns, although the space between the bumps is wider, and the panel appears to be slightly flatter. Some sort of ventilation-either louvers or something like the scoop that adorns the nose of the current Z06, Grand Sport, and ZR1-will perforate the hood. Oh, and the side mirrors are less rounded than before and are a bit larger," the report said.
Car and Driver said to expect the vehicle to arrive in fall 2013, costing an estimated base price of $50,000 as a sports car.
"It's going to be one of the most beautiful cars ever made," General Motors CEO and Chairman Dan Akerso gushed to the media on Wednesday. "It's a real statement about the new GM, today's GM, and it's a statement about Chevrolet and our prospects."

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