Print your photos from Kiosk machine directly from Facebook in CVS

Now you can connect and print your FACEBOOK Photos right from the KODAK Picture Kiosk. You can even access your friends' albums and include their pictures as well.
In just minutes, you can turn online photos into prints, photo products and personalized gifts — ready the same day at a store near you.

Questions about printing your FACEBOOK Photos

Is my information recorded by the KODAK Picture Kiosk if I print from FACEBOOK?

No information related to personal FACEBOOK login, including user name, password, or email address, is recorded by the KODAK Picture Kiosk.

What happens if I forget to log out?
There is no need to be concerned about logging out of your FACEBOOK account, the KODAK Picture Kiosk will do this automatically once the images have been downloaded and you move to the next screen, or upon time out or start over.

How secure is the connection to FACEBOOK when installed on a Kodak Kiosk?
Our FACEBOOK access software links directly with your photos folder on the FACEBOOK server, it is not possible to access any other part of FACEBOOK

Is it possible to print my friend's pictures?

Yes, based on your friends' FACEBOOK privacy settings. In Kiosk software V5.0 – rolling out in Fall 2011 - when you log in to your own FACEBOOK account, you will see also your friends listed. If friends' have their FACEBOOK privacy set to share photos with you, you can also access and print their photos. Normal copyright laws still apply. Some Kiosks may still have software V4.0 & 4.1, where it is only possible to print from your own FACEBOOK photos.

Is it possible to check my news feed or profile while logged into FACEBOOK on a KODAK Picture Kiosk?
No, the Kodak/FACEBOOK connectivity software goes directly to your photos folder on the FACEBOOK server, it is not possible to navigate to any other part of FACEBOOK.

How good is the quality of the images, can I make enlargements?
Enlargements absolutely can be made from FACEBOOK photos. The image quality/resolutions on FACEBOOK vary, though they have recently increased their resolution limits to 2048 pixels, which can easily produce a quality 8X10 print. KODAK Picture Kiosks will access the appropriate resolution to make the particular product requested with quality. If the resolution is not adequate for a particular product, the kiosk will show a warning to the consumer.

What about image rights?
All photos that you personally place on your own FACEBOOK account, which have been taken by you, are protected by your rights as owner - you can print these however and whenever you like. However, as stated above, you can also print from your friend's photos – with friends' photos, you must have permission to print from the owner of those photos beforehand.


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