Face Palm, Selfie, and Bacon: Meet the new emoji candidates

The relentless drive to replace the written word with cartoon images continues apace.

Before long, you might not have to wrestle with language to announce you're expecting, or to tell someone your love is dying.

Just text Pregnant Woman or Black Heart. Wilted Rose could work, too.

Those are among the 38 new emojis — those little pictographs that express digital sentiments — that could be injected into text message conversations by mid-2016. The novel collection is under consideration by the Unicode Consortium, arbiter of keyboard programs on smartphones the world over.

The website Emojipedia released mockups for most of the proposed pictures this week, hinting at all the fun new ways people can take the text out of texting.

In the self-explanatory animal kingdom category, we've got fox face, eagle, duck, owl and lizard. Human images could include the painfully overdue face with cowboy hat, as well as clown face, sneezing face and selfie (the mockup shows a hand taking a selfie).

Interestingly, the list includes an emoji for "rolling on the floor laughing," an expression popularly expressed as "ROFL" that was spawned during the Internet's first wave of language diminution.

If you're still reading this, you might be inclined to use nauseated face, which is also under consideration.

There are also some new food entries to supplement the photos we're posting of everything we eat. Potentially joining the food emoji pantheon: bacon, avocado, croissant, potato, carrot, cucumber and — for special occasions, of course — clinking glasses.

Emojis have exploded in popularity in recent years, having originated in Japan around the turn of the millennium. The Unicode Consortium, which oversees the coding standard that is used for representations of text on computers and smartphones, is based in Mountain View, Calif. According to its website, Unicode has introduced about 60 emojis per year since 2009, when the first set of more than 700 was released.

Nearly half the text that accompanies Instagram posts so far this year includes emojis, according to Unicode.

The consortium is always taking in new proposals for emojis, where those submitting suggestions must name their icon and explain the context in which it is meant to be used.

What remains to be seen is which of the new slate of emojis will catch on, and which will go unused. There's a website called EmojiTracker that counts how many times emojis are posted on Twitter.

The most popular by far, at more than 876 million usages, is a face with tears flowing from its eyes. Its name? Face with tears of joy, if you can believe it.

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