Snapchat Will Now Take Up Less Of Your Data Plan

Snapchat rolled out two features with an update on Monday that are sure to please users.
The first is “travel mode,” which users can turn on to make sure they’re using up less of their data plan while Snapchatting on the go. It works by forcing the user to tap a Snapchat to load it, instead of automatically downloading it once the app is opened.
It’s a good way to make sure that your phone bill isn’t going to go through the roof because you just can’t wait until you have a Wi-Fi connection to view your friends’ Snapchat Stories. To access the feature, go to Settings and then hit the Manage tab and activate Travel Mode.
On top of that, Snapchat also allows users to now add as many emojis to a post as they want (see above) by tapping a new icon in the upper right corner. Before this, users could only incorporate emojis on the pre-ordained text line.

Source: by Rax Santus


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