What is Cyber-Flashing? How to Avoid Being Sent Lewd Photos on Your iPhone

There's a gross new thing happening that's kinda like flashing for the selfie generation and, surprise, surprise, it's been dubbed "cyber-flashing". Sigh.
The totally awful trend/gross illegal act seems to be becoming more common, with reports today suggesting some women have been receiving totally unsolicited lewd photos (read: dick pics). Which you know, is awful and quite likely illegal, but not new or even remotely remarkable in the realm of social media.
The thing that makes these most recent cases different is the photos are arriving directly onto people's iPhones. Which ups the creep factor by about 28377183. They're presumably arriving on iPhones via AirDrop, a feature on Apple devices that allows people to share content via a combination of WiFi and Bluetooth connections.
The feature makes sense if you're not a totally perverted scumbag, because you can send content easily to other people without jumping through hoops. But obviously this kind of tech gets abused, so here's how to stop it from ever happening if you're an iPhone user.
First up you need to check what's going on in your Settings already. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and get the pull-up menu where the Flashlight and Bluetooth settings hide. In the bottom left of the screen you'll see AirDrop, click it. Here you need to just turn it off, or set it to Contacts Only.
And that's it, simple. Simple yet totally recommended.

Source: http://www.lifehacker.co.uk/2015/08/14/what-is-cyber-flashing-how-to-avoid-being-sent-lewd-photos-on-your-iphone by Becca Caddy


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