AT&T Launches Mobley Hotspot For Cars

AT&T and ZTE worked together to develop the technology, which provides Wi-Fi connectivity for up to five devices inside a vehicle when plugged into an on-board diagnostics port. AT&T and ZTE Mobley can turn any vehicle into a WiFi hotspot, so you don’t need to buy any new auto for that. You can order the new device will be available here, and AT&T starts shipping on September 11.
Once on, you can use the device to surf the web, stream video, and play games just like when you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network in your home or local coffee shop. “Collaborating with like-minded organizations in the US has brought innovative Wi-Fi products to market that fuels our success and industry evolution”. Customers can decide up the system for free with a brand new two-year contract, or for $100 with no annual dedication.

Other than drawing power, ZTE’s release makes no
mention of any diagnostics functionalities or remote vehicle monitoring that the Mobley gains from tapping into the car’s OBD II port, which has me wondering why even use the port at all. And yes, because it is an AT&T device, you can all but guarantee it’s SIM-locked to the network, so you won’t be easily rigging this thing up on a prepaid T-Mobile SIM or some MVNO plan.

DataConnect plans are also available for the Mobley, and run $20 for 1GB of data or $30 for 3GB of data. Since most smartphones already have their own data connections, it’s hard to see the Mobley gaining much traction – though for long road trips it could still be useful for connecting your WiFi-only tablet to mobile data. You can alternatively have a portable LTE hotspot instead of AT&T and ZTE Mobley.

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