The cost effective, do-it-yourself job posting solution for small businesses

Hire the right candidates

Ensure all your job postings are seen by the right jobseekers. Simply Post jobs can reach over 30 million unique job seekers every month and are posted on HeelsinTech, Simply Hired and across thousands of partner sites.

Manage your candidate pipeline

Review, rate, and hire your next employee all in one place. Applicant resumes will be delivered right to your Simply Post dashboard, or through your job site if you prefer.

Promote your job post

Your job post will be featured as a sponsored listing near the top of Simply Hired search results. No need to refresh your posting or worry about reaching quality candidates.

Analyze job performance

Track job performance more effectively with posting activity statistics. As a Simply Post employer, you will be able to see how many clicks and applies your post is getting.

General Questions

What is Simply Post?

Simply Post is an easy and cost-effective way for you to deliver applicants to your open positions. Our Simply Post solutions help you attract qualified employees by reaching job seekers through our highly-trafficked websites, and, as well as our Partner Network consisting of thousands of partner sites.

With its quick and easy job-posting process, with HeelsinTech partnering with Simply Hired will save you time and money, matching your jobs with qualified job seekers. Whenever one of our over 30 million monthly job seekers conducts a search, our system calculates the most relevant jobs to display. If your job post matches a candidate’s search, your job will be displayed in the search results. Simply post your job, then sit back and relax as applications are sent directly to your website or inbox.

Selecting posting options..

Basic job posting costs $100 per job post and stays active for 30 days. With this option, your job is displayed on Your job will be sponsored at the top of relevant search results on and will be included in Simply Hired database for job seekers around the world. 

Selecting option to post a job on HeelsinTech Job Board and Simply Hired for $199.00 allow job to be sponsored at the top of relevant search results on both and 

How do I post a job?

From the HeelsinTech homepage, click "Job Board" in the top menu of the browser page. Click on blue "Post a Job" button on right side of Job Board page. 
(Click Here to go directly there)

Enter the following information:

Company Name
Job Title
City, State or Zip Code (where the job will be located)
Select your posting option
Application Process: email or URL (do you want to receive applications through email or do you want job seekers to apply via your website application process?)
Job description (180 to 10,000 characters)
Billing Information (credit card only)
Click "Post Now".

How do I edit my job post?

You can edit your job post at any time by using the Employer Dashboard.

To edit your job:

Login to your Employer Account dashboard.
Select the "Manage Jobs" tab.
Click the "Edit" button next to the position you want to modify.
Make the desired changes to your job post.

How long will it take for my job post to appear on HeelsinTech after I submit it?

Jobs normally take up to four hours to go live after passing our quality check process.

How long will my job be posted for?

A Basic job post stays active for 30 days. Job posts are not automatically renewed; however, they can be reposted.

Does my job get automatically reposted?

No, jobs are not automatically reposted. To repost a job, you must log into your Employer Dashboard and click the "Manage Jobs" tab.

Can I save my job post without submitting it?

No, you cannot save your job without submitting it. If you abandon your posting before hitting the "Buy" button, the job posting information will be lost.

What is the character limit for my job description?

The minimum character limit is 180 characters and maximum limit is 10,000 characters.

Do I have to put in a job location?

Yes, a location is required. You can either provide the city and state, or the zip code where the job is located.

Can I upload a logo for my job posting?

This feature is currently unavailable.

Can I insert a hyperlink within my job description?

This feature is currently available.

Can I post my company name as "Confidential"?

You can type your company name as "Confidential" or "Local Company" in the "Company" tab of the job description template.

Please note that Simply Hired does not encourage confidential job posts as these discourage job seekers from applying (most job seekers want to know what company they're applying to). We suggest using a descriptive yet generic company name such as "industrial chemical supply company" or "immigration law firm." This will make the job more attractive to job seekers.

Can I include more than one job within a job post?

No, our guidelines specify one job per post. Violation of our guidelines may result in your job post being removed from our site. Please review our guidelines here. Top

Can I do a nationwide job posting?

You cannot do a nationwide posting using Simply Post; however, our Enterprise option offers nationwide job posting. Please contact Sales at (408) 400-4770 for more information.

Can I close a job?

Yes, you can close a job post at any time.

Will my email address be visible to job seekers?

No, your email address will not be visible to job seekers as long as it is not included in the job description. We ask for your email address only to verify your business information, to inform you of technical issues, and to send you applications and resumes as they come in.Top

How do job seekers apply to my job posting?

When you create a job posting, we will ask how you would like to receive applications. You can either link to an application form on your website or specify an email address where you would like applications to be sent.

Can I get an unlimited amount of applicants?

Yes, you can receive an unlimited amount of applicants.

Where will the applications or resumes I receive be sent to?

Applications and resumes will be sent to the email address you provide in the job description template.

How can I track applicants?

If you have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), such as Taleo or Jobvite, or an application form embedded in your website, we suggest that you link to it so you can track the source of the applications from within your system.

If you do not have an ATS, you can include an email address where you would like applications to be sent. In this case, in the Employer Dashboard on the “Applicants” tab, you can track and manage your entire candidate pipeline. You can also access applicants’ resumes and set their hiring status.Top

What can I see in the Employer Dashboard?

The Employer Dashboard allows you to post new jobs, manage existing jobs, and repost expired jobs. You can view applicants, evaluate applicant status, and collect resumes.

The Employer Dashboard also gives you insight regarding job status including the dates and duration of job posts, their cost, and the number of clicks and applications.Top

Why has my job been flagged?

Job posts are typically flagged for a variety of reasons: improper job titles, location issues, descriptions that are too short or that have problems with context, inability to verify company information, or inaccurate billing information. These measures help prevent low-quality job posts from reaching our job seekers.

If your post is flagged, please review our quality guidelines. Top

Pricing & Payment

How much does Simply Post cost?

Our Basic solution costs $100 per job posting. 

Do I need to sign a contract?

Simply Post does not require a contract and is a self-service product. All you need to do is fill out the template for the job description, set up an account, and enter your billing information.

Do I need to use a credit card to pay?

Yes, you will need to use a credit card. Simply Hired can only accept US-issued credit cards for payment of jobs posted within the United States. We do not accept purchase orders or credit cards from international countries.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds.

Do you give receipts?

Yes, an email confirmation receipt will be sent to the email address listed in your Employer Dashboard upon purchasing a job post. You can also send yourself a copy of the receipt through the Employer Dashboard.

Do you offer a guarantee?

HeelsinTech or SimplyHired does not offer a guarantee for the performance of Simply Post listings due to numerous uncontrollable factors that affect whether or not a job seeker applies to a job listing. These factors include the number of job seekers searching for opportunities in the market, the seasonal fluctuations in demand for certain jobs, and the level of engagement each individual has with job posts. 

If my job is filled or closed before it expires, will I receive the rest of my credit back?

We do not offer partial refunds.

Partner Network Questions

What are some partner sites that will display my jobs?
Your jobs will be displayed on Simply Hired's thousands of industry-specific and niche partner sites, including The Washington Post, Fox Business, ABC News, Computerworld, and International Nurses Association.  

Can we choose which partner sites the jobs will get posted to?
It is not possible to select which partner sites your jobs will get posted to. You can be assured however, that your jobs will only be posted to the most relevant ones.

Do you have industry-specific partners?
Yes, Simply Hired has many industry-specific partners including sites specializing in sales, healthcare, transportation, IT, education, finance, law, government and retail.

How many monthly visitors does Simply Hired have?
Simply Hired has over 30 million monthly unique visitors.

My job is on your site even though it is expired, incorrect, or may be a scam. How can it be removed from your site?
On the search results page, hover over the job description with your mouse. Click the "Report" link and select the appropriate category, such as "Scam", "Expired", "Inaccurate", or "Duplicate".

If you are directly sponsoring with us, then it is best to contact your client services representative to make a change to a job or to have a job removed from our search results.

You can also report your concerns through our Contact Us page. 

My job is on your site even though I did not post a job. How did my job get there?

Simply Hired is a job search engine that collects all of the jobs online onto our site, making it easy for job seekers to find jobs. Like Google, Simply Hired automatically pulls in open jobs from a variety of sources across the web including job boards, company career pages, and niche sites.

If you would like to remove your job from our site, please contact the original source of the job and ask them to remove it from their site or feed. Once the job is changed or removed from the source's site, it will be updated on Simply Hired within a few hours.

Removing or changing jobs from Simply Hired international properties follows the same process above.


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