Future iPhones Could Scan Faces for Easy Photo Sharing

In an effort to keep up with the photography Joneses, Apple may be working on giving iPhones the ability to identify faces and use that information for easy photo sharing. In a recently filed patent, the company details "systems and methods for sending digital images," including a facial recognition system built into mobile devices that could help users more easily assign contact information and share photos with others.

According to the USPTO patent published today, and iPhone would be able to recognize a group of individuals in a photo and match them to contacts already on your phone. Then, the iPhone would instantly prompt you to share the group photo with each person via email or text message

The patent also details an opt-in version of the system. In this case, if a user sends a photo through the cloud to a number of people, the photo's owner can set limits as to how the photo can be shared by all other individuals in it. This could come in handy for families who want a convenient way to share a baby's birthday party photos, but also want to keep their family members from sharing the photos over social media too much.
Facial recognition is nothing new for Apple. The company already makes use of it in its Photos app for Mac, which sorts images based on who it identifies in them. But this patent hints at a desire for Apple to keep up with the likes of Facebook and Google; the overhauled Google Photos app uses algorithms to automatically sort images - also collecting a bunch of personal data along the way. Facebook's Moments app, arguably the most similar to what's in Apple's patent, recognizes people in photos so it can notify and send those images to everyone in the group.
As with all Apple patents, this should be taken with a grain of salt. The company files patents for a range of technologies, not all of which make it into its devices. However, judging by how similar this system looks to the likes of Facebook and Google, there's a good chance a new iPhone feature could materialize out of it.

Source: http://www.tomsguide.com/us/apple-facial-recoginition-photo-sharing,news-21463.html by  Valentina Palladino


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