Never lose stuff again when you attach Tile Bluetooth tracker

Just a little over two years ago, the Tile Bluetooth tracker was introduced to the market, allowing consumers to keep track of important things like expensive umbrellas, bags, gadgets simply by attaching the tiny device to them. Now the makers believe it’s about time to release a second generation version, with some hardware improvements, as well as new features to help keep track of your belongings, including the all-important mobile phone.

First off, the Tile Bluetooth dongle has increased its volume three times so that you will not have trouble finding the missing items that it is attached to. This is important for people who are hard of hearing or for instances where you’re in a crowded area. The other major improvement made to this second generation device is the Find My Phone feature because smartphones are one of the most important things we possess, and yet it is also one of the most lost things we have.

There are three ways you can find your missing phone using the Tile dongle. As long as your connected smartphone is within 100 feet Bluetooth range of a Tile, simply press the “e” button and it will allow your smartphone to ring, even if it’s on silent or vibrate mode. And even if you don’t have an actual Tile, you can still use it virtually through an app. You can ring it from there or see where it was last located (as long as the Bluetooth is on). Lastly, you can also locate your phone through a web app that lets you log in, ring the lost phone or find it on a map. You can even send a message to the locked screen of your device.

Source: by Ida Torres


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