The Bluetooth-Capable Pregnancy Test at CES 2016

There hasn’t ever been a Consumer Electronics Show so far that didn’t sport some absolutely crazy gadgets – such as the Bluetooth-capable pregnancy test at CES 2016. Coming from First Response, a company that specializes in pregnancy-related products such as tests, fertility boosters and extensive guides for women who are attempting to conceive, the smart pregnancy test is undoubtedly clever but questionably useful.

The first question that arises is how can a pregnancy test be ‘smart’ to begin with? And if proved smart in the first place, is it truly worth the $20 price tag on it too? After all, that is somewhere around 3 times more expensive than what you would normally pay for a regular, non-smart pregnancy test. The company has stated that the Bluetooth adaptation into the device can make it more efficient at delivering an accurate result.

Namely known as the First Response Pregnancy Pro, it doesn’t look any different from a regular a regular pregnancy test until you look at where the result display is normally at. Instead of the plus and minus for positive or negative, respectively, there is a tiny screen that will tell you whether the test is connected to your mobile phone or not. You can’t sync the pregnancy test without a native app of course – the First Response app on either App Store, Google Play or Amazon.

Once installed and prepared, you just need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone and sync the two together. So far, so good and yet there’s still no sign of the device’s ‘smart’ capabilities. Well, the efficiency of the test results will be exponentially increased through the personalization process that the app takes you through. Starting with questions such as the date of your last menstrual cycle or even whether you want to get pregnant or not, the app will change the experience to suit your needs specifically.

Smart or not, the test still takes the usual 3 minutes to give you the verdict. Considering that in most cases the waiting is the moist stressful part of a pregnancy test, the app will provide you with a number of distracting content options to calm you down. As a matter of fact, depending on what answers you gave to the questionnaire, the app will prompt you to select one of the three options it has in store for you: “educate me”, “calm me” or “entertain me” while you wait.

Regardless of the result and whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not, the app is capable of providing you with incredible amounts of information on what you should do and even gives you tracking tools and suggestions. If your result is positive, it can estimate delivery dates and information that should guide you throughout your pregnancy. If it’s negative, it can advise you on how you can improve your chances at conceiving and so on.

The First Response Pregnancy Pro is still a one-use tool so it may prove to not be as popular with everyone, given the higher price. Regardless, it can probably be a really handy tool, especially for women who are trying to get pregnant.



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