LinkedIn Warns Users To Reset Passwords As 117M Logins For Sale On Dark Web

There is a dark web market called "The Real Deal" which posted fresh LinkedIn credentials for sale. A reported 117 million LinkedIn usernames and passwords has been leaked.

LinkedIn spokesperson confirmed that the company is working on resetting the affect users passwords. So they say they have no indication there has been a breach. Please help me understand how 117 million usernames and passwords have been taken but there is not a breach.

A security guy name Troy Hunt says the hacker inflated the data.
"He told FORBES he’d seen a number of passwords in plain text, indicating the hackers had managed to crack some of the hashes – the result of the password being passed through a cryptographic algorithm to turn it into gobbledygook. “The reality is, it’s a breach from four years ago and some passwords won’t just be valid today, they’ll be valid across different sites,” Hunt warned."



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